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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

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Fr Willy Raymond, CSC said...

To Brett,
Thanks for your comments on the Anatomy of Forgiveness. The sacraments have to be celebrated in person, so the answer to your question, "Can you go to confession on the internet?" is "no." However, a lot of parishes do have confessions during the week and almost any Catholic priest you call will gladly celebrate the sacrament with you. Please do not be shy about that because we love allowing Christ's mercy to come to you through us. Also, if you do sin it is important to make a sincere act of contrition right away. It is also important not to sin again thinking that you might as well since you ahve already sinned and plan to confess anyway so why not twice or three times the sins? The second and third serious sins are even worse and more damaging than the first. Whatever happens, God's mercy is always there and is abundant and you can open your heart to it by an immediate "act of contrition" with the firm intention of sacramentally confessing your serious sin at the earliest opportunity. Don't forget that there is now a confession Ap that you can use to prepare for a good confession.

God bless you,
Fr. Willy