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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Young Catholic Hollywood Coming Alive and Going Deeper

Dear Friends,

In the first two months of 2006 young Catholic actors, writers, directors, amnagers and agents and those aspiring to careers in Hollywood have been noticably more active in their faith.

From November to March, Leo Severino, a former youth minister in Orange County and now a lawyer and film producer has been engaging young Hollywood with a series of talks collectively called "Going Deeper."

Leo is consistently attracting 30-50 people a night on Wedensdays at Family Theater in Hollywood at 7201 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90046

I have been impressed by the quality of the presentation, both content and style. It is also moving to see how many of the participants remain or go off and spend hours in some cases discussing their faith into the wee hours.

Another interesting development in recent months is Holywood of the Cross. An intiative started by Matthew Malek of Detroit, Michigan. Holywood has been sponsoring twice monthly holy hours at Saint Victor's in West Hollywood and now is sponsroing Theology of the Body led by Matthew Malek, at Family Theater on Tuesday evenings each week for eight weeks.

Both Theology of the Body and Going Deeper are preceeded by Prayer at 7 PM at Family Theater. This prayer may be the Eucharist, the simple Rosary, Vespers, mediatation and contemplation or some other form of Catholic worship or devotion.

Also, Family Theater Prayer and Pasta continues on the third Wednesday of each month and offers young Catholics an opportunity to come together for prayer, reflection and a social, and networking meal. Prayer and Pasta is nearing its third birthday serving young Catholic in the entertainment industry in the middle of Hollywood.

If you receive this please keep us in your prayers and also kindly send this onto people that you know in the entertainment industry who might benefit from participating in some of the evening programs at Familly Theater:

To repeat, Theology of the Body with Matthew Malek is on Tuesday nights following7 PM Prayer; "Going Deeper" is on Wednesday nights following 7 PM Prayer and Prayer and Pasta is every third Wednesday of the month beginning at 7 Pm with prayer, refelction and a pasta meal.

MAy God bless you and your family during lent with a deep longing for his gifts in your life.

Fr. Willy

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