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Monday, February 27, 2006

Going Deeper--the First Four Hours

Dear Friend,

Apologies for the long delay. It has been more difficult than we anticipated to get the digital recordings transferred to CD's edited, than returned to Family theater and then get them downloaded for podcasting. However, we now know how to do it and have the first four hours ready for your listening as we go deeper into our understanding of {1} Who we are, {2} How we got here and {3} Why we are here. Leo Severino is a young lawyer from USC but we Notre Dame Alumni will not hold that against him. He has worked at Fox Studios and as a Youth Minister in a Catholic Parish. He is now a Manager of tealent in Hollywood, a feature film producer and very engaging teacher. His film BELLA, starring Eduardo Verastegui, is in post production and should be released in the next year, God willing.

Family Theater is delighted to offer these Going Deeper Sessions in the hope that they will enrich your faith and draw you deeper into the Mystery of God's Creative Love and Design for all of us.

These talks are very exciting and if you have observations or questions please enter them at this site and we will be glad to respond.

Since we are two days from Lent, all of us at Going Deeper and Family Theater Productions on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood pray that your Lent floods you with God's grace and a springtime of the spirit.

I hope you will always remember: "The Family That Prays Together, Satys Together." I am sure you have heard that phrase, it originated right here at Family Theater in 1947 with Father Patrick Peyton, CSC.

May God the Father Who Created you, God the Son who Saved you and God the Holy Spirit who

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