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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Going Deeper--Podcasts, complete set

Dear Friend,

This comes to advise you that this coming week will see the availability of the complete set of all 22 hours of "Going Deeper" with Leo Severino from Family Theater in Hollywood. If you are seeking:
  • to know more about God, His purposes and designs,
  • about Jesus and his fulfillment of the great covenants to accomplish humanity's salvation,
  • about the original Church founded by Christ upon the apostles and guided through the centuries by the Holy Spirit,
  • about the Bible and its centrality to Christian and Catholic life and liturgy,
  • about Mary and the saints in the ongoing pilgrimage of God's people,
  • about the sacraments of Eucharist and reconciliation,
  • about ordained priesthood
  • about making moral decisions in one's daily life.

Then this is the site for you.

Since October of 2005 Leo has been presenting one-hour seminars on the faith for Christians who are not yet Catholic but seek to know more about the Catholic Church and for Catholics who wish to enhance their understanding of the faith.

These are challenging programs recorded on an iPod and now available to you for downloading during the coming week.

The URL for the Going Deeper podcast feed is:

Questions about Going Deeper can be directed to this site. Family Theater is a Catholic production house in Hollywood, CA on Sunset Blvd. Next year Family Theater will celebrate 60 years of producing radio and television and film programs along with a national billboard campaign, an international film festival for undergraduate and graduate students called the Angelus Student Film Festival, and an outreach to young people in Hollywood with Prayer and Pasta once a month, and a variety of programs like Going Deeper to support young and not so young people in Hollywood.

Be on the lookout this week for the complete set of "Going Deeper" seminars.

Peace and a great summer,

Fr. Willy

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