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Monday, August 02, 2010

A letter to yourself

There is a minister at a New England school who has his students write a letter to be delivered to themselves fifteen years in the future. He asks them to address 6 areas:
1. Who is the person right now that you would rather spend a day with than anyone else in the world?
2.Write to yourself what you hope you will be doing with your life fifteen years from now; and what you hope you won't be doing.
3. Some people say there is a God and others say there isn't. Set down in your letter what side you would put your money on today and why.
4. Set down the last thing that made you cry. 5. What is the most beautiful place you have ever seen up to now? 6. Write about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. Write about the nicest thing you have ever done for anyone.
The letter should have things like these in it so you won't lose track of them. Give the letter to somebody to mail to you someplace in 2025. My bet is that it will turn out to be one of the most interesting and useful letters you will ever receive. Peace, Fr. Willy

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