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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy Hour For Hollywood

Every week we pray a Holy Hour on Friday during the "Hour of Mercy" 3-4, for Hollywood. This week we prayed for Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Eric Roberts. All are in need of the support of our prayers and our faith to navigate a "Sea of Troubles."

  • We also pray for all Acting Coaches, Actors, Agents, Animators, Cinematographers, Craft Services, Directors, Executive producers, Grips, Heads of Studios and Productions Companies, Interns, Investors, Lawyers, Lighting Professionals, Line Producers, Location Scouts, Make-up Artists, Managers, Producers, Stuntmen {women},Video Gamers, Wardrobers, Writers, Everyone below the line and above the line.
  • Our prayer is that all men and women in Hollywood will use their immense talent, energy, resources to produce true works of art that enhance human dignity and give glory to God.
  • We pray for those who love evil and are far from the Good, especially for pornographers who use men, women and children as objects and diminish the value and beauty of the human person, body, soul, spirit, mind and heart. Our prayers are needed here more than anywhere else.
  • We also pray for all the video game creators, producers, and marketers some of whom use extreme violence, especially against women and children.
  • There is no greater power in this world than the power of prayer. Look at the transformation in the life of Joe Ezstherhas as exhibit A. His memoirs, Crossbearer, speak eloquently of the power of prayer and God's love and mercy to bring about a new man.

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