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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going Deeper

Dear Friends,

We are already well into Advent and the month of December. If you have followed the World Youth Day Interviews from Cologne and Dusseldorf you might be glad to know that the final group of interviews with young pilgrims from around the world will be arriving in the next few days.

Also, we have recorded and edited a series of engaging talks given at Family Theater this fall by Leo Severino, a young Catholic lawyer, movie producer and thoughtful and engaging speaker. These presentations are collectiely referred to as GOING DEEPER.

Leo begins with pure reason and moves logically to knowledge of God through reason. Having established that creation and humanity originate in the creative love of a First Cause, he argues for the dignity and true identity of the human person rooted in a divinely endowed design that is fully realized only in self-sacrificing love. Self-donation leads then to the deepest realization of who one is.

Later Leo uses revelation to move to a greater knowledge and understanding and love of God.

These presentations continue into the comming year and will lead ultimately to a deeper appreciation of God's plan for all of creation and especially for human beings. Leo's presentations are so well crafted and thoughtful and consistent with Catholic belief that I wish to make sure they are available to all who seek the truth about themselves, about God, about life's purpose, and about the best road to realize that purpose as fully as possible on this earth and even in the next.

He engages the participants in lively discussion always moving forward to the truth. Often, he leaves his audience wanting more, a great compliment to him since they usually respond to his talks with genuine apppreciation and loud applause.

Please be on the watch for GOING DEEPER with Leo Severino.

In the meantime, I hope the peace and joy of this Advent might be found in the quiet of your heart and in the richness of your prayer.

God bless,

Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC.

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